Design and deployment of network infrastructures.



High-speed Internet access is considered an important communication service and has become commonly expected and even demanded by many clients, visitors or guests. Business travelers and holiday makers want to keep in touch with their offices or families regardless of destination. There is a great demand for internet access on a temporary basis without entering into long term, expensive contracts.

BENAWiFi Connect gives you the advantage to respond to your customers requirements and expectations by providing them with the option for a fast and easy access to broadband internet. We design and deploy powerful solutions for community, hotel and aparthotel complexes that allow you to add value to your rental property by offering your customers a secure high-speed internet access. Your clients or guests will be able to get online within seconds and enjoy a safe and easy internet experience.

Our goal is to become an enhancement to your existing offering. Better service options will make your clients feel more comfortable and satisfied with their stay and will ultimately result in longer rental periods. Such a value-added amenity that todays travelers are looking for will attract and most importantly retain new customers. You will gain a decisive advantage over your competitors by offering your clients the convenience to connect to internet directly from their rooms or apartments.

Our broadband internet access solutions will give you the edge you need to deal successfully with the commercial and market challenges, respond to the ever growing technological demands and meet your customers requirements and expectations. We use the latest, advanced wireless technology and top-notch equipment to deliver outstanding Internet access, right where you need it. We have developed our own systems and built an extensive infrastructure which supplies the internet without the need for cables or phone lines.

Our HotSpots will give your clients exactly what they are looking for: a secure and reliable internet access from the comfort of their room or apartment.

Our broadband internet service offers flexible subscription plans to match any online lifestyle. Our Instant Access Service gives them the choice of subscribing to various speed plans with hourly, daily or weekly access. A secure online activation by PayPal or credit/debit card will give them unlimited access to internet in just a few clicks. To make it even easier, we offer prepaid cards that many clients consider the fastest and safest way to get internet access. Our online registration and activation service will provide your clients with the option of monthly plans for your long-term rentals. Our internet service is fully compatible with any device with wireless connectivity and will allow your clients to connect online with their laptop, tablet or smartphone. We fully support roaming on our network which enables customers to connect to any of our HotSpots with their existing active account.

In case the above has got your attention, we are sure you are going to love what comes next. BENAWiFi Connect will do all that for you absolutely free!

We shall carry out a survey of your property, design the wireless network, deliver all necessary equipments and accessories, complete all installation works and put it in full operational mode for free. More importantly BENAWiFi Connect shall have full responsibility for the operation and maintenance of the deployed equipments.

Our remote network monitoring centers will ensure that our network is always operational for your valued guests and clients. We shall provide the end-users of our internet services with an extensive support system including 24/7 online live support.


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